Opak Optik, which has been serving with its experienced staff since 2000, protects our eye health with the most advanced methods of medical and technology. With the production facility on a total area of ​​5000 m2 in Istanbul, more than 170 employees, 16 branches and more than 3000 sales points Opak Optik, which continues to be one of the leading producers of our country, continues its activities by increasing its product range day by day. Opak Optik's goal is to always produce top quality products in total quality management philosophy and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Opak Optik, which shows that the products produced in Europe can also be produced in Turkey at the point where our country's RX glass needs are met has developed joint projects with the world's leading company in optical glass sector ESSILOR. As these brands' production base in Turkey the company brought the technologies, knowledge and experience to the country. After long-term cooperation and dedication, Essilor International purchased Opac Optics' majority interests and gave the message that it would continue investing in my country. Opak Optik production facility, which is capable of producing 1500 RX glass per day, provides perfect service to its customers with its robust infrastructure. Opak Optik constantly renews its technological infrastructure and integrates the advantages of modern age into its working system and ensures the continuity of its service speed. Opak Optik, which holds the quality front plate, instead of competing based on prices in stock glass has CE, TSE and ISO certificates in optical glasses which are directly related to people's eye health. Opak Optik is happy to provide quality service every day with friendly and educated staff in Sirkeci, Kadıköy, Ümraniye, Bakırköy, Ankara, Adana, Mersin, Antalya, Gaziantep, Konya, Kayseri, Bursa, İzmit, Samsun, İzmir, Manisa, Denizli and Çanakkale which are much closer to the customers with its wide branch and dealer network spread all over Turkey. With Opak Optics, our employees who have brought us today and our customers who are our greatest supporters, we are on our best journey for the eyes that look to the future with confidence.

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